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Afternoon of Artist talks 3pm  7 July

with Richard Giblett, Siné MacPherson and Kati Thamo



6 July – 4 August : Main Gallery

Richard Giblett


Frontier is a suite of new and recent artworks consisting of meticulously hand painted works on paper and two sculptures.  Drawing inspiration from advertising, luxury goods, architecture, city lights, refineries and urban networks, the artist both questions and pays homage to the needs of our city based lives.


6 July – 4 August : Engine Room 1

Siné MacPherson

Finding colour


Finding colour is a selection of paintings from the past twenty years developed from a range of unique and systematic frames of reference, each revealing inherent structures from their underlying sources explored through the materiality of paint.


6 July – 4 August : Engine Room 2

Kati Thamo


Bird in a Bell Jar: nature bound and bottled

This exhibition of etchings and gouache paintings depicts a sequence of botanical and animal specimens that reflect on our relationship with the natural world. Presenting a compendium of small ecologies held in glass containers or in the pages of books, these delicate environments suggest the vulnerability, complexity and current fragility of our natural systems.


Afternoon of Artist talks 3pm 11 August

with Marian Drew, Stephen Eastaugh and Carolina Furque.



10 August – 8 September : Main Gallery

Marian Drew


This exhibition of new work is inspired by the ancient rocks of the Kimberley region. Photographed and Photoshopped they now have a new life, embedded into remarkable still life tableaus.  Marian is based in Brisbane and this is her second exhibition at Turner Galleries.


10 August – 8 September : Engine Room 1

Jewellers and Metalsmiths

Group of Australia (WA) Inc


Reveal marks the 13th biennial award exhibition for members of the JMGA. It showcases the latest creations by 40 of WA’s leading contemporary jewellers and metalsmiths, exploring an array of materials from precious metals and gemstones to plastics and fabrics.


10 August – 8 September : Engine Room 2

Stephen Eastaugh & Carolina Furque



This small exhibition joins the black and white botanical photographic work of Carolina Furque with the etched pearl shell work of Stephen Eastaugh.  Both bodies of work are inspired by extensive travels, and further joined by the fact that the artists are partners.




Siné MacPherson, Lexical Spectrum Pod, oil on canvas, 183 x 112cm, 2002

Stephen Eastaugh, Shell no. 5,

pearl shell, acrylic, 12 x 14cm (approx), 2015.

Richard Giblett, Sump System II (frontier), gouache on paper, 200 x 100 (x4panels), 2018

Marian Drew, Devonian rock on marble, digital print, 110 x 130cm, 2018

Annika Hauschild, Wiesenblume, pin.  (Photograph by Tony Holly)






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