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Brendan Van Hek

the continual condition

- seven colour arrangement. 2016.

neon, plywood, 33 x 60.5 x 40cm.

Brendan Van Hek

Artist in Residence exhibition

Main Gallery

23 Jun – 22 Jul


the continual condition is an exhibition of new works by Van Hek that brings together neon, furniture and glass forms in a series of arrangements. Positioned across the gallery space, these arrangements assemble disparate elements in a tentative, precarious, unexpected or even ill-fitting manner, that together find balance.


Consuelo Cavaniglia

23 Jun – 22 Jul

Engine Room 1


Between time by Cavaniglia brings together new works ranging from two-dimensional to sculptural forms.  She uses mirror, transparent and reflective materials to cast reflections around the gallery implicating the viewer, who is caught in the reflections and mild visual illusions, and becomes part of the work.


Mike Singe

23 Jun – 22 Jul

Engine Room 2


With every breath we take, we increase the world’s carbon dioxide levels. Half Empty / Half Full attempts to identify how climate change influences the way we think about our engagement with the world, and our complicity in global warming with our everyday actions, in a thought provoking and facetious, manner.


Clive Barstow

28 Jul – 26 Aug

Main Gallery & Engine Room 1


The assemblage works in this exhibition, titled Tomorrow is History, serve as metaphors for the misfits of social construction where the intersections between cultural groups are awkward and ill-fitting. Reconstructed jigsaws and found objects are utilised in his art, imbued with irony, futility and humour, whilst referencing our complex social and cultural conditions.


New State (Aliesha Mafrici & Harrison See)

28 Jul – 26 Aug

Engine Room 2


Passage Self Strange, is an exhibition born out of New State’s interest in the intersection between the ‘figurative’, and the often polarized, ‘abstract’. Through a variety of mediums this artist collective has created a fractured body of work that explores a narrative of shifting circumstance and perspective.


New State

Bodies of Smog sway above him, 2017 (Aliesha Mafrici)

monoprint on fabriano rosapina, 32 x 31cm

Consuelo Cavaniglia, Untitled, 2015

grey mirror, yellow acrylic, glass,

diptych 428 x 306mm each.

Photo: Alessandro Bianchetti

Mike Singe, Half Empty / Half Full 2017

Blowout, hydrostone, acrylic,

wood, party blowout. 30 x 29 x 8cm,

Clive Barstow

We Will Decide 2017

plaster, polystyrene, and plastic

25 x 120 x 110cm







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