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Stuart Elliott

Main Gallery

27 April – 26 May


The Council installation features ten arcane seated executives, each both defined and confined by the precariousness of their position in a collective office.  Top heavy and laden with official trappings, their assumed but unarticulated eminence comes only with potentially catastrophic limits.  This body of work is the third Syndicate sponsored project.


Stuart Elliott

Engine Room 1

27 April – 26 May


‘YARD is a place where goods in transit or surplus to immediate need are retained.   The material in this yard consists of work that is either refined residue from, or in conceptual flux consequential to The Council project (May 2013 – Oct.17).  Artworks include new sculptures, paintings and photographs by one of Perth’s most important artists.


Carol Rowling

Engine Room 2

27 April – 26 May


A childhood spent travelling Australia evolved into a deep love of the country, its hues and textures, for Carol Rowling.  Elemental. Land. Layers. Life. is an interpretation of this landscape, seen from the sky, and consisting of carved and painted organic shapes.


Stuart Elliott, White skip in contested space, digital print on brushed aluminium, edition of 3, 2018.

Stuart Elliott, The Council (detail), mixed media, 2017.

Carol Rowling, Earth Forms 4, 2016

carved mixed media 15 x 100cm x5, 2016.

(Photo Victor France)






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