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Exhibitions Open 6pm Friday 8 February

Afternoon of Artist Talks 3pm Saturday 9 February


Harry Hummerston

Main Gallery

8 Feb – 9 Mar


Harry Hummerston enjoys constructing work that entertains both the eye and the mind.  He stated, “I often use the strategy of combining two or more unrelated images within the same frame forcing an unusual relationship between them.”  In this exhibition of new work, titled Don’t Blink Twice, Hummerston has also coated the works with epoxy resin as a means of further seducing the eye.


Elizabeth Marruffo

Engine Room 2

8 Feb – 9 Mar


In this exhibition of new works, titled Worthless Remains and inspired by a gathering of leftover materials, Marruffo questions whether we deserve the tender consolations of art making and prayer. Mexican street crafts, religious votive painting and her own family tree serve as points of departure for oil paintings, tiny sculptures and delicate textile works.


Hermannsburg Potters

Pmara Nuka - Our Country

Engine Room 1

8 Feb – 9 Mar


Turner Galleries is very pleased to present an exhibition of new ceramics by the renowned Hermannsburg Potters from Central Australia.  Their iconic terracotta sculpted pots have been exhibited internationally, and tell the stories of their land.  This exhibition features work by June Campbell, Andrea Rontji Pungkarta, Beth Inkamala Mbitjana, Anita Ratara Mbitjana, Hayley Coulthard Panangka, Judith Inkamala Pungkarta, Rahel Ungwanaka Kngwarria and Dawn Wheeler Ngala.


Harry Hummerston, Shiva, 2018

acrylic sheet, enamel paint, epoxy resin, mdf, 55 x 55 x 6cm.






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