2 Newman Court, Fremantle

Gallery hours: Fri – Sun, 10am – 5pm, and by appointment

Success is a new platform for contemporary art. It transforms the abandoned basement of a department store into a multi-gallery exhibition venue. Based in the historic port city of Fremantle, Western Australia, the gallery presents cutting-edge visual art and performance from international and Australian artists.


The fourth exhibition block at Success showcases five simultaneous exhibitions across 2,800 square metres of gallery space:

Gallery One

Bye  12 Nov - 4 Dec


A series of new sculptural artworks that double as a playable 18 hole mini-golf course. Mini golf becomes subject and metaphor: alternatively as typifying corporate elitism, environmental waste, cult fashion and aesthetics, and late-capitalist decadence. The project parodies the notion of use-value in art, questions the quality of audience participation, and the culture of the contemporary ‘installation art’ experience.


Gallery Three

Plugger  12 Nov - 4 Dec


A curated exhibition of art exploring the relationship between sport and art through the work of prominent international and Western Australian artists.


It features David Attwood (AU), Bas Schevers (NL), Stef Van den Dungen (NL), Gabrielle de Vietri (AU), and Guillermo Kramer (AU). Plugger is curated by Emma Buswell.


One Million Views

Tiyan Baker  12 Nov - 4 Dec


Sydney-based video artist Tiyan Baker examines the emotional transaction between YouTubers and their fans by exploring themes of yearning and intimacy in the digital age. What is driving the emotional transaction between YouTubers and their fans? Is it the evocation of an imagined version of ourselves? Or the idea of an unsullied connection, a perfect audience who will see us exactly as we want to be seen?

Tiyan Baker, still image from Portrait of Choppa (2016), 4k video, eternal loop with sound

Gabrielle de Vietri Three Teams (2013)  Site-specific project and video, 29:50 seconds. Photo: Tarni Rees







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