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29 June – 6 July


Shaun Tan, Justin Randall, Emily Smith, Ben Templesmith, Ashley Wood, Bruce Mutard, Carol Wood & Susan Butcher, Gary Chaloner, Stuart Campbell, Aly Faye, Campbell Whyte, Andrei Buters, Alyce Sarich, Hien Pham, Leonie Brialey, Andrew Richardson, Shane Tholen, Aśka, Skye Odgen, Mel Tregonning, Stuart Medley, Nathan Viney and ECU Illustration students


Comics West celebrates the last thirty years of comics making in Western Australia, with two-dozen artists showing comics pages, illustrations, digital comics and augmented reality.



13 – 26 July


Brenton Rossow, Darren Tynan, Harrison See, Lianxi Zhang and Rebecca Jensen

Imagine a world in which giant machines could crush you in an instant. If your home, family, and food lay on the other side of a perilous obstacle course, would you try and make it to the other side? Imagine you lived in a land where hairy creatures set those machines on fire and wrapped them around trees. This land with a belly and teeth swallows beasts and spits out treasures for the immortals to see.


Paradise’s Parasite III is a collaborative exhibition by five mixed media artists, who have been drawn to Australia and China by love and fate. Their mission is to share a world and its creatures scarred by the gluttony of a poisonous feast.


Aasiya Evans



11 – 24 August


Aasiya Evans’ solo exhibition through a digital engagement creates a unique dramaturgy in navigating the Oriental/Occidental dialogue through a racial discourse of Othering. Her artwork inspired by Medieval wall hangings and Persianate carpet designs parlay in-betwixt and in-between eastern and western art and culture. The Arabian Nights ,The Thousand and One Nights, popular novella assists as the default backdrop for Orientalism & Imperialism: Veiled, Unveiled & Reviled, through addressing the importance of this text’s cultural continuity as a postcolonial result toward our contemporary awareness of Islam and the Arab Muslim. Her art draws upon historical and socio-political contemporary moments, to parody the misinformation found in the popular culture by mimicking Islamophobic sentimentalities of the Islamic Arab Muslim stereo “terror” type in order to facilitate a discussion as a consequent aftermath of 9/11.



Brenton Rossow and Harrison See, Paradise’s Parasite III, 2018, Digital Photograph. Image courtesy of the artists.

Aasiya Evans, The Pestilence, 2017-18,

Digital image print on polyester, Image courtesy of the artist.

Tania Visosevic, Electric. Image courtesy of the artist.







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