Upstairs, 267 William Street, Northbridge

Open 9am – 5pm daily

Free Admission

Paper Mountain is a Perth based artist run initiative with a gallery, co-working space (The Common Room) and studios, located in the heart of Northbridge, WA.

Marcia Espinosa and Marina Kailis

Remains Shrine, 2017

Porcelain, Raku fired clay, found objects

Marcia Espinosa and Marina Kailis

Remains 8-23 July

Opening night: Friday 7 July, 6pm


Death is an inevitable part of the human condition. We all hope to be remembered beyond the life we have lived. Remains explores ways in which the living can remember and honour the dead.


Marcia Espinosa and Marina Kailis’ ceramic sculptures (the guardians of memories) and shrine installation offer another way for the living to mark and celebrate past lives and the experiences of life. In so doing, this exhibition includes interpretations of traditions and customs used to remember and commemorate life.


Isabelle Osbourne : Order/Disorder

12-27 August

Opening night: Friday 11 August, 6pm


As an ongoing practice-led investigation, Order Disorder investigates how the synergy of photography and alternative aesthetic modes represent mental illness. With specificity to Bipolar Affective Disorder, the works act as a partial solution and aim to represent the disorder outside of certain stigmatised discourses derived from western culture.


Isabelle Osbourne, Order/Disorder 2017.







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