Moana Chambers Building, first floor, 618 Hay Street Mall, Perth

Gallery hours: Wed – Fri, 10am – 6pm, Sat and Sun, 12 – 5pm or by appointment

Free admission

Moana Project Space is an artist-run initiative in the heart of the Perth CBD showcasing innovative contemporary practice on a national scale since 2012.

Joan Ross: The Art of Trying To Control Flowers

12 Feb - 26 Mar


Presented in conjunction with the 2017 Perth International Arts Festival, The Art of Trying to Control Flowers is a new exhibition by Scottish-born, New South Wales-based artist Joan Ross. Working across sculpture, video, wallpaper, and installation, Ross uses her characteristic wit to critically re-examine the sins of Australia’s colonial past. Appropriating visual imagery from hi-vis culture, RSL clubs,  colonial painting, and white techno-suburbia, The Art of Trying to Control Flowers re-frames Australia’s colonial narrative as a lurid and absurd fantasy, and provokes a questioning of our collective relationship with both history and the environment.


Marisa Georgiou: Watch Before Going to Sleep

8 - 30 Apr


Watch Before Going to Sleep is a video installation by Brisbane-based artist Marisa Georgiou. In altering the editing process of digital landscape photography, Georgiou examines the way we surround ourselves with aestheticised, contrived and mediated versions of ‘nature’ in order to feel grounded and connected. In doing so, she draws connections between mythologised notions of environmental authenticity and Western expectations of the sublime landscape, asking whether the manufactured aspect of spiritual experience in the online environment has bearing on its legitimacy.

Joan Ross


Marisa Georgiou







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