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PAINT  Darryn Ansted, Return, 2012, Oil on Board, 120 x 120cmPAINT .

1 - 19 Feb 


A revival of painting in an age of technical manipulated imagery. Paint celebrates the development of ideas in painting emanating from post grad study during the decade of exchanges between students at Curtin University and the Painting Coordinator, Darryn Ansted. Includes our graduates Ian Williams, Marina Van Leeuwin, ex TAFE art lecturer Alex Spremberg.



Residency Dr Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge

Leonie Is a NMTAFE grad (2003) who went on to obtain a PhD. Her research and artwork are born from her experience as Māori, living a life of being colonised through assimilation. She engages with postcolonial dialogues around wider social political concerns.


2 - 26 March

On Revolution

ACT artist Elizabeth Kelly is our Artist in Residence – she says it’s time for artists to rethink how we conduct ourselves in a truly revolutionary manner - to stand against the habits of plastic waste, fossil fuel dependence and pollution.


Revolution also refers to a circle, and in this case, a circular economy. Spinning around an axis acts as a metaphor for rethinking the framework of a changing world. Kelly exhibits with local artists working with found and upcycled materials, asking “what can we do to minimise the environmental impact of the artwork we make or consume?”



Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge, Portrait of Rewi, Reputation Cloak and Rangatiratanga Cloak, 2017, Blankets, cotton thread, feathers, found objects and metals

On Revolution

Elizabeth Kelly, Shell, 2020, Corian, 60x80x1.5cm








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