Gallery 152, York

152 Avon Terrace York

Gallery Hours 10-3pm daily

M  0419 707 755

Gallery152 is a new commercial gallery located 100kms east of Perth in the historic town of York.


Filomena Coppola


15 July - 20 Aug


Filomena Coppola’s pastel drawings are a response to the complexities of cultural integration and the role of the feminine.  Delicate pastels capture segments of native Australian orchids.  Intentionally taken out of context, enlarged and drawn so that the texture of the petals resembles animal fur.


While in York, Filomena will undertake a two week residency.  Drawing on the environmental concerns expressed in her “Fish Out of Water - Murray Cod series”, to explore similar interrogations around the Avon River.


Two workshops are being offered by Filomena during July:

Art in Nature:  15+16 July.  An ephemeral workshop in which participants glean objects to paint on, work with or create with, to be added to, rearranged and ultimately returned to the natural environment. Installations, creations, interventions will be documented by the participants.


Re-imaging Flowers: 22+23 July.  Learn how to make dynamic, beautiful and provocative images of flowers. Beginning with observational drawings of flowers, you will learn how to develop complexity, personality and texture to create a new interpretation of the idea of the flower.

Filomena Coppola Wallflower - The last belle pastel on paper 80 x 80cm 2010

Filomena Coppola Wallflower - Precious blossom pastel on paper 80 x 80cm 2010








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