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Until 17 Feb


Obeisance is a series of new works by Western Australian artist Angela Stewart. Imbued by the Italian Renaissance, Stewart’s paintings allude to the stylistic and thematic qualities of portraiture and fresco painting. Over time, the rendering of her line and brushwork has dissolved to increasingly reveal materiality and process. With oval and circular frames she examines the margins of a portrait such as the cameo or motifs of flora and fauna in costume and in so doing creates detail of an imaginary narrative.


Studying portraiture and its contemporary practice in both her Masters and Doctorate at Curtin University, Western Australia, Angela Stewart has exhibiting extensively in Australia and internationally.



Until- 3 Feb


Passages of Infinity by emerging Bunbury artist Eamon McInerney, is a series of paintings created during a period of healing in the young artist’s life. These dynamic and rhythmic paintings are the result of rehabilitation, and follow the ebb and flow of recovery.


For McInerney, art is a means of providing structure to his life and guide his recovery after a car accident here years prior. These dynamic and rhythmic paintings are the result of rehabilitation, and follow the ebb and flow of recovery.



Until - 3 Mar


Dead Centre is a group exhibition that contextualises a group of artistic voices from around the country that explores and celebrate marginalised identities in the broader spectrum of a multicultural society. The exhibition looks at what is in your sphere – right in front of you, and how the rest is about perception. Drawing on the experiences of artists connected to different communities including Aboriginal, Polynesian, Persian, Thai, Greek, Italian, Malay, LGBQTI and Muslim, the exhibition offers a point of access to individual outlooks that contribute and enrich the Australian social landscape.


Curated by Anna Louise Richardson and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Dead Centre aims to articulate the problematic expectations on the individual in finding their place in a social landscape characterised by simplistic and divisive assumptions.


“Dead Centre is the inverse of the rest of us. It takes you into ten different worlds in which the artists’ own experiences occupy centre stage.” - Curator, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah.


Dead Centre is an ART ON THE MOVE touring exhibition.

Angela Tiatia, Walking the Wall, 2014

single channel HD video, 13 mins 4 seconds, Still image courtesy the artist and Sullivan+Strumpf.






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