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Claire Kastelan: Beneath the Red 16 June – 5 August Beneath the Red is Claire Kastelan’s effort to convey the experiences of someone with bipolar, using digital infrared photography to examine the emotions of depression, normality and mania. Living with bipolar 1, Kastelan uses photography as therapy; for her, the act of leaving home and concentrating on finding a scene that will fulfil what occurs in the mind’s eye is all consuming. Noongar Country 2018 – Two Worlds Opening 6 July, 6pm 7 July – 9 September Noongar Country is an annual exhibition celebrating the diversity and quality of work by Indigenous artists residing on Noongar Country. The exhibition invites senior and emerging artists, and highlights the many styles, stories and talents. Join us in celebrating the Two Worlds and what that means for our indigenous artists. With portraits, landscapes, sculpture and video, come and see, hear and witness our Indigenous talent from across our great Noongar Country. Immerse yourself in culture and gain an insight into the worlds of our first Nations People. Helen Seiver - Are we there yet... 26 May – 26 Aug a solo exhibition by Helen Seiver featuring new work alongside a 15 year survey of her creative practice. Seiver’s work is a carefully crafted record of the history and culture of WA She is an artist who makes a significant contribution to the cultural record of this state. City of Bunbury Jiaxing China Art Collection Until - 16 September 10am – 4pm Bunbury and Jiaxing became Friendship Cities in 2000, initially drawn to each other as active port cities. Since then, the two cities have developed a strong friendship through exchanges in culture, business, education and sport. The exhibition features a selection of gifts presented to the City of Bunbury by the City of Jiaxing in the course of the 18 year partnership. These artworks demonstrate the continuing importance of the relationship between the two cities. The exhibition celebrates the friendship between Bunbury and Jiaxing and offers a glimpse into the community of Jiaxing.

Claire Kastelan, Death Becomes You, 2017,digital infrared photography

Emily Hornum

23 June – 19 Aug


Do you think of that when you feel lonely or sad? is a two-channel video installation by multidisciplinary artist Emily Hornum. The work’s subject is Doreen, Hornum’s Grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. While deeply personal, this exhibition is also a broader exploration of the fragility and temporality of memory that extends Hornum’s ongoing inquiry around notions of photography, new media and memory.

Helen Seiver Cloud Seed Express, 2016

found materials (detail).






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