Giles Hohnen & Theo Koning

1-29 Jul


Two well-regarded and eminent artists come together in an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture - new Art Collective WA member Giles Hohnen and 2015 Basel exchange artist Theo Koning

Giles Hohnen

Times Like These 2017

oil on composite board, 122 x 122cm

Theo Koning studio 2017

Ham Darroch : Artist in Residence 2017

1-29 Jul


We¹re excited to host Canberra-based artist Ham Darroch as our 2017 Artist-in-Residence. Ham will be in the gallery producing a wall-work, inspired by the action of everyday objects. He is on the way to us after completing a wall work for Bridget Riley¹s exhibition at Christchurch Art Gallery in New Zealand.



Brad Rimmer Forever & ever

5 Aug - 2 Sep


1981, in limbo between leaving the wheat belt or staying, hanging around and working on the wheat bins in the middle of somewhere. The soundtrack, Scary Monsters, one of the few cassettes left in the car. Listening to Ashes to ashes reverberating over corrugated gravel roads .........Brad Rimmer, 2017



Ron Nyisztor Semi Precious

5 Aug - 2 Sep

Ham Darroch install

Brad Rimmer Lachian Cowcowing Autumn and Crows Nest #12 2017







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