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Jurek Wybraniec

11 Mar – 8 Apr


Artist Jurek Wybraniec maintains a dynamic multidisciplinary practice from his base in Fremantle, Western Australia. His work examines how aesthetics of popular culture and the everyday may be reinterpreted through a reductive approach, reassessing our use of language, materials and space.


References to cinema and its relationship to the everyday are reassessed in these works; in particular the interaction between our aural, visual and spatial perceptions. Clear black, (panels 1 & 2); engages material, process, language and captions sourced from film. Captions reference characters tone and manner of voice, rather than dialogue/monologues - along with any significant music or sound effects.





Jurek Wybraniec Clear black ( panels 1 & 2) 2016

Laser etched acrylic, wood, polymer paint, 50 x 50 x 35cm overall

Merrick Belyea

15 Apr – 13 May


Merrick Belyea has been a prolific Western Australian artist over the past 20 years and exhibited extensively.


His paintings use a restricted colour palette to explore socio-political thematic concerns, allowing an exploration of colour, tone and surface.


Moving between distinct traditions of figurative and landscape painting, Merrick’s ongoing explorations of contemporary human behaviour embrace both realism and abstraction.


Merrick Belyea

Rottnest Landscape 4 2017

Oil on canvas, 30 x 30cm







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