Jo Darbyshire, The Glorious Decline #1 2017, oil on canvas, 150 x 122cm

26 May – 23 June 2018 Jo Darbyshire The Glorious Decline Sic transit Gloria mundi – Thus passes the glory of the world. Jo Darbyshire is a leading Western Australian painter. She has an interest in the materiality of painting, and these new works explore the transitory nature of life, of layers of history, the beauty of life lived, faded and grown over. Her artworks are held in many major public institutions and corporate collections in Western Australia, along with private collections nationally and internationally. 26 May – 23 June 2018 Tony Windberg Home Turf Playing with optical illusion and fake surfaces, Tony Windberg echoes the engraving process in a succession of wall-mounted structures that explore our craving to name and claim. Cape Leeuwin on Australia’s south-west extremity and Chryse Planitia (the Plains of Gold) on Mars intertwine in Windberg’s parallel reinterpretations of depictions of new worlds, where the picture was proof. From Matthew Flinders’ ship Investigator to NASA’s Viking 1 Lander in two missions less than two centuries apart, the respective first images were sent home and later published. The first pencil sketch of the southern land as seen from sea became an engraving in A Voyage to Terra Australis in 1814, and the Martian scenes of the sea of rocks were transmitted line by line then colour matched for readers of the January 1977 National Geographic. The charting of new territory was – and is – coupled with the search for life-sustaining water. In Home Turf, Windberg suggests a desire to transplant hopes and dreams, and an innate need to change alien landscapes into something more familiar. 28 - 30 June The annual artist member exhibition for Art Collective WA Benefactors is open to the public.

Tony Windberg, Home Turf #4, 2018 (detail)

ink under glass, synthetic turf, calcium carbonate and

rust effect paint on wood, 59 x 172cm






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