Alex Spremberg Liquid Structures #16

Enamel on wood, 90 x 120 x 3cm

Alex Spremberg

Liquid Geometrics

7 July – 4 August


In this exhibition, I continue to investigate the relationship between precise geometric systems and the unpredictable nature of paint.

Digital networks, grid systems and other Cartesian means of delineating bring order to our lives. However, this controlled environment is often undermined by unpredictable forces such as emotional undercurrents, unconscious impulses or irrational instincts.

By combining precise geometric structures with inexact painting processes, the nature of the materials and the manner in which they are applied are in stark contrast to the configurations they describe. With this process I am questioning the confidence we place in the stability of structures that support our physical existence.


Penny Coss

From Someplace Else

11 August – 8 September


My work has always been a response to the natural environment and the memory of place . From childhood places to sites with troubled histories,  walking in the  landscape as a bodily experience offers up alternative ways to think about being in the world.


The residual stains of history the landscape reveals are transcribed into my materials and processes in my work. To stain as defined is to mark or discolour with something that is not easily removed are interpreted in the folds and layers of my work, falling with colour referencing my encounters with phenomena, geology and light.  Human, mineral, animal pelt and matter, these interactions with the material also evoke a personal landscape held suspended , in extremis .



Penny Coss Purple Stain 2018acrylic on canvas,180 x 170cm






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