Merrick Belyea

22 Apr - 20 May


This exhibition of compelling new work extends the artist’s contemporary view of landscape painting, seeking to capture the figurative and political essence of place.


European traditions of naturalism in landscape are enmeshed with the politics of capturing or colonising the land. Merrick Belyea¹s landscapes are pared back, stripped and worn as if clinging to beauty before all is bulldozed and covered over with suburban blankness.


Merrick Belyea has been a prolific artist in Western Australia over 26 years. He maintains a regular exhibiting program in Australia and overseas. In 2015, he represented Art Collective WA at Art Stage Singapore with fellow Art Collective WA member, Jon Tarry. Merrick¹s work has been acquired by various collections, including Artbank, the Holmes á Court Collection and Bankwest. He has been a guest artist at the Australian Embassy in Manila and has featured on lists of Australia¹s Most Collectable Artists, compiled by Australian Art Collector magazine. He is a founding member and Co-Chair of Art Collective WA

Merrick Belyea

Rottnest Landscape #1 2016

Oil on board, 120 x 120cm

Miriam Stannage (1939-2016)


27 May - 17 Jun


Miriam Stannage was determined to defy what was expected of her as an artist.  This exhibition celebrates both the transgressive nature of her contemporary art, and her engagement with the relationship between place and identity. The inclusion of combine paintings and three-dimensional works, produced between 1999 and 2016, detail how she railed against conventional understandings of painting by adding objects to the canvas surface.  In choosing to include a fragment of a marble gravestone, or photo frames that are devoid of photos, Stannage ruptures conventional understandings and blurs the boundary between the known and unknown.

Christian iconography ­ with the crucifix a regular feature - evokes consideration of realms that may exist beyond our current understanding and which, thanks to her steadfast Anglican faith, Stannage believed she would experience after her death.


This exhibition has been organized with the support of the artist’s estate.

Miriam Stannage, one of Australia¹s most significant contemporary artists, was born in 1939 in Northam, Western Australia. After travelling to Europe and USA in the 1960s she returned to Perth and studied with William Boissevain and Henry Froudist and at the Claremont Technical College. Stannage was a founder member of the Contemporary Art Society and her first solo exhibition was in 1969. She has travelled extensively and taught art therapy, painting and drawing and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Curtin University in 1998.

Abandoned house 2014

from Security series

mixed media, 70.5 x 50.5 cm

Copyright and courtesy of the artist’s estate








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